Hi everyone! :)
The current VR Sites hosting system is going to be handed over to Janus VR. So we have decided to freeze the ability to login and modify current rooms. Don't worry though, all of the data will be safely migrated into a much more manageable and scalable system in preparation for the future of Janus VR.

For further updates on what is going to happen you'll need to check out the Janus VR subreddit and the Janus VR Twitter account.

To the users of VR Sites, we would like to thank you for using our service, it has been a great pleasure :)

There are so many people to thank in one way or another for helping get VR Sites to where it is, here are some of them, in no particular order (sorry if I forget anyone!).

NukeMarine - Sirkitree - JamesMcCrae - Dizzket - biolithic - daveoxide - whiplash2002b - FireFoxG - Gunpigew - Techn0 - Aussie - LisaLionheart - Wojciech.P - Summerice - Crusader - Marco - AfterXDeath - OculusHut - konchok - alusion - bai - Lewis P - Scorpsortal - Tim.S .. Heck, this is turning out to be a shoutout list :D email me if I forgot you! <3

qster123 over n out!